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About psychotherapy and counselling psychology at my practice

Psychotherapy and counselling: A safe and confidential space

So many of us try to cope with life's challenges on our own - perhaps believing that nobody can help and that friends are too busy with their own lives to be able to listen. Talking about our experiences with someone who will not judge us can gradually transform feelings of isolation, hopelessness or doubt.

Personal change

Considering alternative perspectives within a trusted psychotherapy and counselling relationship can result in new ways of relating to ourselves and the people around us. It can lead to a more helpful and less critical attitude to ourselves, and a better understanding of other people, as well as a more balanced view of our lives.

Neurobiologists now recognise that psychotherapy can actually change the brain by strengthening our ability to regulate our emotional responses, helping us live with greater purpose and peace.

Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling

My training is in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology. Integrative psychotherapists use a number of different theoretical perspectives, bringing these together into a personalised approach which can be tailored to individual clients. Counselling psychologists also use and carry out evidence-based research to support their therapeutic work. My current research focusses on the experience of bereavement.

As a psychotherapist and psychologist, I draw on theories which emphasise the fundamentally social nature of human beings and their need for dependable relationships throughout their lives. My integrative approach to counselling psychology and psychotherapy incorporates thinking and techniques from developmental psychology, relational psychotherapy, neurobiology, family systems, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and EMDR.

Changing patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling

Through a deeper understanding of yourself you will begin to identify unhelpful patterns of behaving, thinking or feeling which tend to repeat themselves in your life. Understanding these patterns means you can start choosing to react differently. If past relationships have been unreliable, you may find it hard to trust people or overreact when you feel hurt. Sometimes influences are more subtle - a well-meaning but emotionally-detached caretaker for example. Understanding these influences can help you support yourself in the present, and develop closer, more satisfying relationships.

Body awareness

My approach emphasises the importance of the body-mind connection and body awareness. Awareness of the body tends to lead to greater self-understanding and self-compassion, as well as promoting general relaxation and a sense of well-being. My approach includes breathing and imagery techniques which foster better body regulation and management of anxiety and stress.

I welcome questions about my approach to psychotherapy and counselling.

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